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Nagasaki (長崎市) is a city in Japan located in the Nagasaki Prefecture. Recently, the city was established as the capital of the Nagasaki Prefecture. One of the largest cities in Japan and the largest in the Nagasaki Prefecture, the population is currently close to half a million people.

Nagasaki relies heavily on funds brought in through national tourism. A highly popular destination in Nagasaki, many great cultural events are held year round to draw greater attention to this valuable area. Aside from tourism, Nagasaki also plays a large role in the thriving industries of ship construction, fishing, and distribution.


Before 1500: Nagasaki was founded before 1500, however there was little activity as it was secluded by the surrounding harbors. It was the year 1500 when a European explorer accidentally lost his way finding the city essentially putting it on the map.

1571: Nagasaki became a great trading site putting into place one of the best ports in the world. Through many hard times the city continued to trade with many great countries.

1945: The second, and last, atomic bomb was targeted on the largest thriving city in Japan. This bomb caused great devastation in Nagasaki causing well over 75,000 deaths and injuring close to 100,000.

Post-War: Nagasaki was completely rebuilt after the war however nothing was recreated as it had been prior. Many hard working believers put their greatest effort into making the city better than it had been before.

Points of Interest

  • Glover Garden presents a strong history of Japan, the city of Nagasaki in particular, as it currently features many of the first residences in the earliest days of the city.
  • Site of Former Dutch Trading Post is a significant symbol of the Japanese history as it was the only means to the outside world during the National Isolation Era in the 1800’s. The city is currently working to rebuild and restore much of this old trading post calling the reconstruction “crucial” to the cities recovery from a trying past.

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