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Niigata is a city in Japan found in the Niigata Prefecture. This city is the capital of the Niigata Prefecture as well as the highest populated city along the Japan sea coast. Over 813,000 people lived in Niigata City as of July 2006.

The weather in Niigata is the talk of many planning to tour to Japan during winter months. Being right off the coast, where humidity is very high, increases the amount and intensity of snowfall. Niigata is known for having the coldest winters and very warm summers, something rare due to the typical climate standards in every area.

Since Niigata is the site of one of the largest ports in the country its main industries include product development and distribution. Food, clothing, electronics, and general goods are all manufactured and distributed throughout the world. Due to the great climate flowers are also grown in Niigata and then sent out to many other places in the world.

History of Niigata

The Niigata land has a long history however the city was not truly established until the 16th century. At this time the large port was constructed making the city a crucial point in the entire country of Japan.

During World War II, Niigata was a city targeted by US Bombers due to its large port which helped the Japanese economy greatly. According to reports, the US cancelled their target mission due to unstable weather conditions. This meant that Niigata was essentially untouched during the war.

In 1965, Niigata was the site of a deadly event when the Agano River was tainted with methyl mercury leaked from the chemical plant. This is now referred to as the Niigata Minamata Disease. Over 690 people were impacted by the exposure to this fatal chemical.

Points of Interest

  • Marinepia Nihonkai Aquarium The Marinepia Nihonkai Aquarium is known as the largest aquarium near and on the Sea of Japan. This is a great exhibit for families. Dolphin shows, exotic fish sites, and special sea features are all a part of this underwater themed museum.
  • Shirone Kite Museum The Shirone Kite Museum is the largest kite museum known to the world. Many famous kite designs and creations constructed all around the world are held and properly displayed in this museum.

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