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Oita is a city in Japan found in the Oita Prefecture. The latest report for the census performed in Oita is from 2003 where there was an approximately 441,270 people residing in the city.

The industries of Oita include many with product development, manufacturing, and distribution among the most profitable. In addition to these Oita is quite popular for its great amount of agriculture development and greenery (forestry) plots.

History of Oita

Oita can be traced back to ancient times when the land was used primarily as a high profile burial ground. Not all the land, now called Oita, was used however it was known for this purpose. As time went on the land began to evolve with the construction of temples, shrines, and special places of religious value. This is said to have been done due to the large amount of cherished Japanese buried in the area.

By medieval times the city had been transformed into a functioning commercial business district. In fact, it has been recorded as the first commercial district in Japan.

During the Edo Era, Oita was developed further and converted to a castle town. Reports claim that this was a wonderful time for the cities economy based on its overwhelming success as the trading center of Japan.

Today, Oita serves as the industrial center of Japan working to move the country forward after hard times following WWII. Many residents have put their combined efforts into improving the city as well as all of Japan.

Points of Interest

  • Mt. Takasaki Park The interesting story behind Mt. Takasaki Park makes for a perfect tourist attraction. Today, the site is an inactive volcano but years ago it was the site of an incredible mountain of lava draining into the Sea of Japan. When visiting the park you can enjoy the magnificent scenery as well as visit with the many wild, but tame, monkeys currently calling the park home.
  • Marine Palace: Marine Palace is a large, very large, tank where visitors can view various water loving animals including fish, seals, and even exotic sea creatures such as octopus. Many experiments are conducted in plain site so that visitors can witness results for themselves.

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