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Osaki Station (大崎駅)is a railways station located within Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. The station is one of the stations at which Yamanote Line trains are taken out of service and put into service. There are thus four tracks, with two in each direction to accommodate the transfer of incoming and outgoing trains and those being serviced.



Osaki Station first opened on February 25, 1901, as one of the original stations on the Nippon Railway. The Railway and thus the station were both nationalized in 1906 and was later made part of the Yamanote Line when the Tokyo Subway was expanded. On December 1, 2002, Osaki Station expanded for the first time in 100 years to lines other than the Yamanote, including the Rinkai Line, The Saikyo Line, and the Shonan-Shinjuku Line.

Lines and Service

Currently, there are four lines operating through Osaki Station, three with JR East and one with Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit. They consist of:

Nearby Stations

Stations located within one stop in either direction of Osaki Station include the following:

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