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Pink House is a Japanese Gothic lolita fashion label. The brand, started in the mid-1970s was among the first brands to bring the concept of designer produced, Lolita style clothing to the masses. The brand’s roots, alongside those of Angelic Pretty and Milk made it a highly popular style that – though it never got as popular as many gothic Lolita brands that exist today have managed to do.

Early Influence

The early productions of Pink House in the 1970s alongside Milk were originally designed to provide housewives and stay at home moms something cute and colorful to wear. The clothing, designed to mimic the style and cut of clothing worn in television series and films such as Little House on the Prairie and Ann of Green Gables was mildly popular but served more so as a jumping point for multiple other brands that would soon follow suit and lay the groundwork for what would become the Gothic Lolita fashion style in Japan.

Known as an elegant, classic form of the Lolita fashion scene, Pink House produced multiple designers and offshoots including the likes of Kaneko Isao, who worked on both Pink House and Ingenborg designs before eventually starting his own labels, Kaneko Isao and Wonderful World with more than 67 standalone locations around the world.

Pink House Today

When Pink House opened their first Lolita themed shop in 1979, they were credited with being the first truly Lolita fashion brand. Today, Pink House no longer produces purely Lolita clothing, instead using the 19th century style designs as a jumping off point for more modern, practical clothing. Their clothing is now sold in a number of department stores and shops throughout Japan including the a shop in the Odakyu department store in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo.

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