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Pinky & Dianne is a Japanese clothing label started by two American designers, Pinky Wolman and Dianne Beaudry. The two brand, currently one of the most successful domestic women’s fashion labels in Japan with more than $100 million in revenue and 80 store locations in Japan, is currently run and designed by Japanese designers as the two creators and the company’s namesakes have moved to new projects.



Created in the 1970s the Pinky & Dianne line was a major attraction for the Japanese fashion industry that was just getting its start in the late 1970s and early 80s. The brand, which combined minimalist couture designs with classic western styles was immediately popular and quickly took off as a top purchase for many young Japanese women.

The brand continued through the 1980s under the two original designers but Dianne Beaudry soon left for other projects and while Pinky Wolman continued designing for a few years into the 1990s, the company soon became an independent entity with Japanese trained designers creating the lines.

The Clothing Style

The Pinky & Dianne clothing style is a simple, classic example of western style dress and fashion with the minimalism of the 1980s in Japan. Simple monochromatic designs are often used for each line and the goal is not to be cutting edge or trendy as much as it is to be mature and elegant. The line, which largely markets toward a slightly older demographic than most cutting edge Japanese lines, has been very popular in Japan ever since and presents in Japan Fashion Week annually. The 2008 and 2009 collections currently being sold are reminiscent of early designs from the company.

Shop Locations

Pinky & Dianne has more than 80 store locations in Japan as well as sales made in various department stores in major cities there. Additionally, the company has multiple stores overseas including in New York City, Seattle, London, and Sydney.

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