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Sagamihara is a city in Japan resting in the Kanagawa Prefecture. The great Kanagawa Prefecture is part of Greater Tokyo making the city an incredibly strong tourist attraction. A population of 668,119 was reported in March of 2006. The recorded area of Sagamihara is 244.04km.

Many industries are popular in the city of Sagamihara however there are few including metal production, electronics and appliance development, and food production and distribution that have been made primary. Sagamihara also relies heavily on tourists coming to see the cultural and historical sites in and near the city.

A large commercial industry surrounds the rail station in Sagamihara. Various service providers, shopping spots, and unique niche markets are found in this area.

History of Sagamihara

In the earliest years of Sagamihara it was merely a group of various villages all living off of the farmland developed throughout the area. These developments were eventually lost due to minimal watering capacity for the crops. By 1912 the city was in search for better more profitable sources of income.

By 1926 the Japanese military had taken control of the land choosing various methods of enrichment. Several cities and villages were merged into the city of Sagamihara to begin construction of the military base. Due to WWII agreements with the US, many of the bases were turned over in 1945-1946 creating a strong force of US military bases in the city.

In November of 1954 the city of Sagamihara was officially established as a city in Japan. It was at this time that the city received a solid foundation of government working to improve and grow the cities development.

Points of Interest

  • Festivals in Sagamihara Sagamihara is home to many festivals held throughout the year. There are over 15 official festivals as well as many thrown for special events each year.

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