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Sendai is a city in Japan serving as the capital city of the Miyagi Prefecture. As reported in the 2005 census there are approximately 1,028,214 people living in the city making it the largest in its region. The city has been appropriately nicknamed “The City of Trees” based on its vast amount of trees which have been there since the very beginning.

It is the natural beauty and preservation of trees, plants, and flowers that keeps the city on the map of most beautiful locations in Japan. The extremely mild temperatures in the city make for the perfect location to grow the most lush gardens and special plants requiring a mild environment.

Sendai has many booming industries with commercial and retail services topping the charts. Many large service providers of various fields call the city home along with several more extreme technology companies. In addition to these industries, Sendai is also home to many government, education, and transportation agencies.

History of Sendai

The history of Sendai can be traced as far back as over 20,000 years ago when many found the land to be incredibly lush for growing food and hunting wildlife. While this was the beginning of the lands use, it wasn’t until the 1600’s that anyone officially claimed the land making it a city.

In 1600, daymio Date Masamune founded the city after failing in his first attempt in Iwadeyama. Masamune found the land to be the perfect addition to his current territories knowing that many would love to relocate to its foundation. To begin, Masamune ordered that the castle, Sendai Castle, be built prior to any established villages. Once the castle was complete he began planning and developing the city in 1601.

Sendai was unofficially founded in 1889. It would remain small, about 100,000 people, until a change and official government is established in the 1900’s.

World War II caused major problems in the city although it was not directly targeted. Many of the cities greatest resources including gardens, orchids, and banks were completely destroyed by fires. This almost marked the end of the cities tremendous efforts to fill the city with greenery however many felt strongly that the city must continue its efforts.

Post-war, Sendai has taken a great step to reproduce some of the natural gardens that once existed. This has reinforced the cities title as the “City of Trees”.

Points of Interest

  • Sendai Castle The site of the Sendai Castle is properly displayed for all those interested in the long history of the city. While what is left is merely nothing but an outer shell and few standing walls; the flowers, trees, and many statues still intrigue visitors with a serene feeling.
  • [[[Sendai City Museum]] The Sendai City Museum is home to literally hundreds of special artifacts, paintings, and natural exhibits telling the whole story of the cities history. Many tourists come to the city Sendai just to attend this museum. There is also an annual exhibit which displays many soldiers actual armor during wars throughout the past of Japan.

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