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Shizuoka is a city in Japan found in the Shizuoka Prefecture. According to reports from the 2005 census there are approximately 710,236 people calling the large thriving city home. The size, economy, and development of the city contribute to its association as the capital of the Shizuoka Prefecture.

Shizuoka has reported its largest industry to be commercial business with numbers ranking the city as the largest commercial area in Japan. In fact, over 73% of city employees work in services; a remarkable number compared to that of other cities where similar numbers are actually factory workers.

Shizuoka is a city of Japan that takes crafts, arts, and talent very seriously. Many incredibly talented individuals from around the world come to this city to practice a practically perfect entertainment career.

History of Shizuoka

The history of Shizuoka can be traced as far back as prehistoric times. This is the time at which the Toro Ruins are thought to have been created.

The name Shizuoka was first used in 1889; marking the beginnings of the city. While this was the actual start of the city it wasn’t until 2003 that the Japanese government officially deemed the city a part of the mainstream country. This was the founding of the modern city Shizuoka.

As recent as 2006 the city has merged with others making a significant impact on the population. Shizuoka government is glad to see their city grow and look forward to moving forward with more growth.

Points of Interest

  • [Shizuoka Festival] The Shizuoka Festival is one of the most famous festivals of Japan held the first Saturday and Sunday of April. The festival includes dances, beautiful flower exhibits, and a special show to the music of important Japanese tradition music.
  • [Toro Ruins] The Toro Ruins are beautifully displayed. Special restored homes, villages, and shops offer the visitor a glance of the real traditions and history taken place in Shizuoka years ago. This site is significant to the history of all that live in Japan recently designated as a historical site by the Japanese government.

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