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Takui Nakajima was born in Fukuoka 19 October 1978. He began his career in 1994 with the song Maggie May. At this time Takui portrayed a visual kei theme. He is now a rising star in the Japanese rock scene. There's a classic rock bent to Takui's songs, and he has covered some Elvis Presley numbers. Takui was mentored by hide, the guitarist of X Japan. By his third single Pierce, Takui began to dress more casually and perform more acoustic songs. Many of his songs revolve around the theme of freedom. Before the release of Chunky God Pop, Takui didn't have set musicians for his band. Zilch (hide's English band project) acted as Takui's backup band and Gregory Darling did string arrangements for both Mother Sky and Saraba Matenro no Fairy Tale, as well as playing piano on Mother Sky. Matt Sorum, the drummer for Guns 'n Roses (1990-1994) and The Cult, drummed for Takui on Nuclear Sonic Punk.

Support Band Members

  • Guitar: Noyama Akio
  • Guitar: Kato Riu
  • Bass: Okamoto Keisuke
  • Drums: Kondo Ayato



  • Ima Kimi ni Aitai to Omou Koto
  • Message
  • Hello My Friends/ Taiyo ga Shizumu Mae Ni
  • Hitorini Narukotoga Kowakatta
  • Re-Set
  • Fork in the Road
  • Calling You
  • Free for free
  • Gambu roulette
  • Triangle


  • Kasa wo Sasanai Kimi no Tame ni
  • Vivarock
  • Nuclear Sonic Punk


  • Swanky God Pop
  • Chunky God Pop

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