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Tokushima is a city in Japan located in the Tokushima Prefecture. A great population and properly organized government have been put into place as Tokushima is the capital city of the entire prefecture. The last population reports were released in 2003 indicating a mild population of about 267,463. The approximate area of the Tokushima is 191.23km.

Agriculture is the leading industry and most prized passion of the city. With an incredible climate and tremendous efforts to maintain a proper environment the city has greatly enriched the economy through distribution. The city officials boast their creative ideas to encouraging preservation of precious land and their ability to ensure a bright future for the city.

Today the city of Tokushima is working towards developing modern industries by offering incentives to those seeking a place of company headquarters. This is said to be the next goal and many plans have been enacted to achieve the best end result.

Tokushima is also serving as the greatest education district in the area. Elementary schools, high schools, and universities are all located in the city and have been deemed appropriate by government standards. This has made the city popular due to the higher awareness of a proper education for all residents of Japan.

History of Tokushima

The Tokushima Castle was constructed in 1587 under the orders of feudal lord named Hachisuka lemasa. This family maintained control of the castle town until 1889.

In 1889, the general establishments of Japan took on great changes as cities began to evolve into municipals. Once this had taken place the city began practicing under an official government.

The 1920’s were filled with significant changes to the city including the mergers of several surrounding cities, villages, and towns. This addition nearly doubled the cities population and brought many more foreigners to the area.

Points of Interest

  • Ruins of Tokushima Castle The entire area where the beautiful Tokushima Castle originally stood is now presented to tourists and residents as an incredible garden. While the castle is little more than stones and the outer shell many feel the site to be peaceful and serene.

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