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The Tokyo Metropolitan Area is the most populous metropolis in the world. To accommodate the tens of millions of people who live in and visit Tokyo every day, an immense network of hotels has developed. The hotels range from super-expensive 5-star luxury brands to massive business hotels in Nishi-Shinjuku to the Love Hotels of Shibuya to cheap guest houses and hostels to the famous Japanese Capsule Hotels, and anything you can imagine in between. Writing an article that covers every Tokyo hotel is a daunting - if not impossible - task, but that is our goal with this section of the site.

As we get started cataloging, listing, and reviewing Tokyo hotels, we will organize the hotels in two different manners. We will sort the hotels both geographically - by which area of Tokyo in which they reside - and also by popularity - with a simple listing of the most popular hotels in the entire Tokyo area. As the list grows, we may change the way these hotels are categorized. If you have suggestions for improving these listings, please feel free to add to the Discussion tab for this article.


Popular Tokyo Hotels

Tokyo Hotels by Area

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