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Wacko Maria (ワコマリア) is a Japanese clothing brand. The Wacko Maria fashion brand was created by retired Japanese soccer players Keiji Ishizuka (石塚啓次) and Atsuhiko Mori (森敦彦). The concept of the brand is to create high quality items using original materials. When asked what inspires them in the design of their clothes, Ishizuka said, "friends, movies, music, wine, women." The Wacko Maria line includes major clothing items like jackets, dress shirts, and t-shirts, as well as wallets, bags, ties, pins, and other fashion accessories.

Wacko Maria History

  • Wacko Maria was created as a brand in .
  • In 2006 Wacko Maria released a line of bags, wallets, and other items in collaboration with the Japanese brand Porter.

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