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Wakayama is a city in Japan currently serving as the capital city of the Wakayama Prefecture. The key location within 30 miles of an airport and an hour from popular Osaka allows the city to embrace its historical culture while also blending with the urban cities. A population of 367,173 was reported in February of 2006 although this number has said to have gone up based on several cities merging.

Wakayama has many industries however its economy has been somewhat slow due to several large steel companies relocating their businesses to China. This damper in the steel making industry has initiated many problems of unemployment for those who stood loyal to the companies for many years.

History of Wakayama

The history of the city Wakayama can be traced back to over a thousand years ago when various great Japanese poets would sit by the many rivers writing their pieces. The beautiful land was said to be almost magical serving as inspiration for some of the most famous literature.

Wakayama was first established in the 1500’s when the Wakayama Castle was built. During this era the city thrived off of agriculture as well as many townsman shops. The castle town was also famous for serving as the official grounds of the rulers and their governing.

Today the city still represents it original flair with many of the same families playing a large role in its thriving economy and outstanding government. It is said that the city has changed for the better now standing as a united area serving for the better good of the entire country.

Points of Interest

  • Wakayama Castle The Wakayama Castle available for viewing today is actually an exact replica of what stood in its place years ago. Lost in WWII, the new castle symbolizes a brighter future and strong community dedicated to making things right and keeping them that way.
  • Bandokoro Teien The Bandokoro Teien is amazing as it holds a significant key to the history of the city. Throughout the years of the Edo Period this land was where hundreds of soldiers were placed to watch over the sea and report “black ships”, a major threat of war.

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