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Yamagata is a city in Japan serving today as the capital of the Yamagata Prefecture. According to numbers reported in 2003 there are approximately 255,434 people calling the city of Yamagata home. A medium sized city the total area of the land is 341km.

Education, science, and medicine all play a large role in the cities economy. Various schools, museums, labs, and clinics are attended by both residents and visitors seeking a better understanding of our world today. In fact, many famous developments in science and medicine were first experimented with in the city of Yamagata.

Yamagata is a popular tourist destination during the winter due to its heavy snowfall and great skiing destinations. Many winter festivals and snowfall events take place in the city as it works to improve its image in Japan and around the world.

History of Yamagata

Yamagata began its earliest days as a castle town in the late 15th century. Many battles over the territory took place on the land causing it to become ruled by various rulers; all of which had a different plan for the city.

In 1945 the city of Yamagata was severely damaged by WWII bombers. While it was not directly targeted, fires ripped through the cities villages causing tremendous amounts of damage.

Points of Interest

  • Risshaku-ji Temple The Risshaku-ji Temple has brought fame to the city of Yamagata. Standing for over 1100 years, this temple draws in millions of tourists each and every year. The site is properly cared for but allows the visitors a look at what it really looked like all those years ago.
  • Ka-jo Castle Park The Ka-jo Castle Park is home to the ruins of the cities castle built over 100 years ago. Visitors can get a look at history by walking through the park where moats, brick walls, and other sentimental structures still stand.

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