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3x3 Eyes is a manga, or Japanese comic book, that was created by Yuzo Takada. Takada began writing manga back in 1983, and has since become an award winning mangaka, or manga artist. 3x3 Eyes is his most successful series, and ran from 1987 until 2002, which is an extremely long time for any manga to run. It was released in young Magazine, and had two original video animations, or OVA’s, that were created about the series.


3x3 Eyes is the story of Yakumo Fujii. Yakumo, being an adventurous teen, is exploring, when he gets hurt. He is wounded so badly that he will die in a short time. Along comes Pai, an elf who has a third eye that only pops up on certain occasions. She rescues Yakumo by merging her soul with his, which turns him into a being known as a Wu. In this form, Yakumo is immortal, but only as long as Pai is alive. He comes up with a plan to make Pai mortal, so that he will be able to be mortal once again as well. The series follows the pair as they try to uncover how to make Pai, and Yakumo, human.


  • Pai – Pai is a strange being, whose species is known as a Sanijyan Unkara. She was found by Yakumo’s father, and has a third eye that is generally hidden on her forehead. In order to handle all of the problems that have popped up, she has developed a split personality. The first personality is known as simply Pai, and is a girl who looks human. She is very happy and is a joy to be around. Whenever she gets endangered, or has an emotional situation occur that she can’t handle, Sanjiyan comes out. Sanjiyan’s presence is evident as Pai’s third eye opens. Sanjiyan is very firm and is able to use magic. Pai has access to the same magic, but is unable to use it unless she is in Sanjiyan form. After she uses her powers, though, she is physically wiped out, and she has to rest.
  • Yakumo Fujii – Yakumo is Pai’s Wu. He became a Wu, or servant, when Pai saved his life by merging her soul with his own. This makes him immortal, as long as Pai is alive. It was Yakumo’s father who discovered Pai, who is a race that was long believed to be extinct, and he promised to make her human. Yakumo wants Pai to become human as well, so that his immortal curse can be ended.
  • Takuhi – Takuhi is a pet bird that ends up injuring Yakumo, forcing Pai to save him by merging her soul with his.
  • Jake McDonald – Jake is a treasure hunter who wants to discover how the Sanjiyans become, and stay, immortal.
  • Haan Hazrat – Haan is a magic dealer, and has an unsettled debt against Yakumo.
  • Benares – Benares is a Wu who is trying to bring Kaiyanwang back to live. He is very powerful, physically and magically.

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