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7 Seeds (Sebun Shƒ´zu) is a manga, or Japanese comic, created by Yumi Tamura. The series began in 2002 and is still running, with a total of 8 volumes to date. It is being published in the Japanese manga magazine Flowers and is considered to be a science fiction manga.


Hana Suguruno wakes up on a ship that is sinking. She and three others manage to save themselves and land on a deserted island. They know that they need to figure out what happened, especially as none of them remember ever going onto the ship in the first place!

What they do not know is that the people are on their island due to government planning. The government had planned for a natural disaster, and the worst finally occurred. A meteor hits Earth and brings life to near extinction. In order to keep life going, each country froze young people, who would be released when the computer that is controlling their cryogenics deems that life can one again be sustained on Earth. These groups are: Spring Group, Winter Group, Summer Group A, Summer Group B and Fall Group. Each group has one person to guide them, and seven healthy young people. The guide has poison around their necks, in order to kill everyone if life becomes too horrible to contemplate. The Japanese government took things an extra step and created seven Fuji. These Fuji hold seeds and books so that the young people will be able to survive.


There are a number of characters. Here are the characters from the Spring group, one of the groups that is seen the most.

  • Hana Suguruno - Hana is seventeen and finally found a boyfriend in Arashi Aota, shortly before she was frozen. She wakes up and believes that she will never see Arashi again, and she almost kills herself. She continues on, though, in hopes that she will one day see Arashi again. What she does not know is that Arashi is a survivor with the Summer Group B.
  • Mansaku Tsunomata - Mansaku is kind of a leader. He is an excellent archer and is a friendly guy.
  • Fujiko Amaciya - Fujiko is a seventeen year old who‚Äôs dream in live is to become a doctor.
  • Haru Yukima - Haru is a sixteen year old who can play almost any musical instrument that exists. He is very aloof and seems to not care about much.
  • Momotaro Nobi - Momotaro is much younger than the others. At only twelve, he was chosen because he is a child genius.
  • Chisa Taiami - Chisa is eighteen and makes ceramic items for the crew. She is very polite.
  • Hibari Niigusa - Hibari did not wake up correctly from the freezing and is in a coma.
  • Tosei Yanagi - Tosei is the guide. He used to be a member of the Japanese military, and ends up saving the entire group from danger more than once.

Summer Group A Information

Summer Group A differs from the other groups in that the children were raised to be survivors. The government took 100 babies and raised them until they were seventeen. They taught them all how to survive in the wilderness. Only seven of the hundred were chosen. The others joined society.

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