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Battle Vixens (Ikkitōsen) is a manga, or Japanese comic book, that was created by Yuji Shiozaki. The manga itself was modeled after a Chinese novel called “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. Romance of the Three Kingdoms was written by Luó Guànzhōng back in the fourteenth century. It is a story that is based on the happenings in China when the Han Dynasty came to an end. It has been recognized as one of the four great classical novels in China. The manga was first released in 2000 and is still being released by Gum Comics. It was turned into an anime in 2003 and has become known as a series that is created more to show-off young, teenaged girls who fight in short skirts. The manga is also known as Ikki Tousen.


The story begins in telling the tale of seven schools in Japan that are at war with each other. All of the students in the schools have had to become extremely skilled at martial arts in order to survive during the battles the schools frequently have. They are helped by mystical jewels, known as magatama. These magatama are earrings and each contains a spirit of a warrior from the Three Kingdoms era in China. Unfortunately for the students, the magatama tends to give the wearer the same fate that the original spirit, which tends to be a painful death. The jewels also help by changing color in order to signify what rank the wearer of the jewel is at.

These fighters are known as Toushi, and their entire goal is to become the strongest and the best, in order to become known as the Ikki Tousen, or “the one knight who is a match for a thousand”. Hakafu Sonsaku is a transfer student who recently moved into Tokyo. It becomes clear that she is meant to try to unite the schools, just as the spirit in her magatama tried to thousands of years ago. Hakafu’s jewel is apparently the resting place of the warrior known as Sun Ce, a legendary military general who was as known for his patience and generosity as he was for his battle strategies. Hakafu herself does not know the story behind her jewel, and struggles to fit into the school.

Fighting, however, is one of the few things that gets her excited. She tends to fight even when she is being outnumbered ten to one. Her cousin, Shuyu Koukin, has issues with this because whenever she battles, her dress gets destroyed and he finds her extremely attractive. This causes most problems because he sees them as related, which is taboo.

Focus on Hakufu Sonsaku

Hakufu is able to read the chi of her opponents, which makes her seem very intelligent when she is really much less bright than most of her peers. She can use her chi to effectively destroy her opponent and uses it by instinct, not knowing that she inherited it from Sun Ce. At one point she takes evil chi away from a classmate by taking it into herself. The chi appears as a black, skull-like mark on her body that is constantly moving towards her heart.

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