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Because I’m the Goddess (Kami-sama da Mono) is a Japanese comic book, or manga, that was created by Shamneko. The series is considered to be a comedy manga, but is more like a satire against the mangas about women with divine powers that end up falling in love with mortal men. One of the series that it pokes fun at is the popular Ah! My Goddess! It is also considered to be in the magical girl genre of manga.


In the world are things that are called “Gifts”. These Gifts have the ability to possess women. The women that are possessed enslave men, which is not what the Gods want to have happen. So they decide to send the Goddess Pandora to Earth in order to recover these Gifts. She comes across a boy named Aoi a few minutes after she lands on Earth. Aoi does not believe that Pandora is a real goddess. In her anger, she decides to show him that she is. She does her magic and suddenly a huge tsunami appears, wiping out the entire town!

The Gods are not happy, and pull Pandora’s magic power away from her. When this happens, she turns into a girl. Eventually, Aoi comes upon the girl form of Pandora. Slowly the two become friends. One day, Pandora discovers that, when she kisses Aoi, she is able to turn back to her regular form for a short time. Ecstatic, she grabs him and tells him that he will be her servant, so that she can recapture the Gifts. This means that no matter how hard Aoi tries, he can not get away from Pandora.


  • The Goddess Pandora – Pandora is a goddess who is beautiful, busty, bubbly and brain dead. She has an immense amount of power, but not a lot of impulse control, which means that she ends up casting spells that get other people in trouble. Because she is so beautiful, men often end up doing whatever she wishes, with the exception of Aoi and Maya. On the other end of the scale, women can’t seem to stand her. She does have the ability to see and battle Gifts, each of which she knows by name. She also eventually tells Aoi that she loves him, and shows it by getting jealous whenever someone pays undue attention to him.
  • Aoi – Aoi is a very smart teen who does not believe that Pandora is a true Goddess. She loses her powers when she tries to prove to him that she is a real Goddess. He can not stand how she clings to him, but he does understand that she needs him in order to capture the Gifts. He tends to like her more when she is in child form, and becomes protective of her. Aoi also has a connection to the Gifts, which has to do with his family, which he is running away from.
  • Matsun – Matsun is a white cat. He is the one who is supposed to watch over Pandora to make sure that she does what she is supposed to do. Matsun spends some of his time giving Aoi advice about how to handle his life, and Pandora.
  • Maya Amagi – Maya is a young teen who is a Buddhist monk. He was once enslaved by a Gift, but was freed by Pandora. After that, he decided that they could not do without his help, and has been tagging along after them ever since.
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