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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Bobobō-bo Bō-bobo) is a Japanese comic book, or manga, that was created by Yoshio Sawai. Sawai is known for creating “gag” manga, including Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo was created when Sawai started working for Shonen Jump, a popular weekly manga magazine. He decided that he wanted to play around with heroes who defeat villains using strange powers, such as farting and burping. The series quickly became famous and was turned into an anime. Viz Media purchased the licensing rights and has released it in a few different ways.


  • Beauty – Beauty is the only girl in Bobobo’s clan. She is in love with Gasser, one of the crew. The two do not reveal to each other that they have feelings, but it is fairly obvious in both the manga and the anime. Beauty is easily spotted due to her hot pink hair. Sawai has stated that he named her Beauty only because he was watching American Beauty at the time he created the character.
  • Heppokomaru – Heppokomaru is better known as Gasser. He is in love with beauty, but fears telling her. He uses the “fist of backwind” in order to defeat enemies. He is fairly shy and quiet and does not understand why some people do not understand what is going on in the series.
  • Bo-bobo – Bo-bobo is the main character of the series. He has a large afro of 24 karat gold and uses his nose hair to fight evil with. He has the ability to hear the “voices of hair” and has a long history of people wanting to kill him. The nose hair ability is known as “fist of nose hair”.
  • Don Patch – Don Patch winds up the last of the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo gang. He is also known as Poppa Rocks. Don Patch is not a human, but instead looks like a strange version of Sonic the Hedgehog. He was the first one to take a stand against the bad guy, Emperor Baldy. It is discovered that his forebearers were actually rock candy, which is more popularly known as Pop Rocks.
  • Softon – Softon has a head that looks like ice cream. His head in the manga is colored brown, resembling poop, while it is colored pink in the anime. The ice cream look is not how he really looks, but is a mask that is supposed to help him control his powers. It is later discovered that he is Beauty’s brother.
  • Jelly Jiggler – Jelly’s superpower is that he can transform himself into any shape or form. The English version of his name is a pun on Jell-O Jigglers. At first he takes on Bo-bobo, trying to kill him, and when he loses, finds himself on sale at the local grocery store for 10 yen. He is surprised, however, when Bo-bobo comes to the store and buys him because he needs another fighter to take on Captain Battleship.
  • Hatenko – Hatenko was part of Don Pachi’s group. He uses keys during his battles and had an obsession with the deadly Torpedo Girl.
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