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Cyborg 009 (Saibōgu Zero-Zero-Nain) is a manga, or a Japanese comic, that was created by Shotaro Ishinomori. Ishinomori was an extremely well known manga artist whose series were almost always long running. Kamen Rider Series is another series that he created that became extremely popular. Cyborg 009 was first released in 1964 and actually ran until 1981. It was then turned into an animated series, or anime, in 1968. Another anime series was created in 1979, which did much better than the first series did. The manga is currently unavailable to purchase anymore as it is out of print. It is a story of nine human beings who are kidnapped in order for the Black Ghost organization to do human experimentation. They end up becoming cyborgs and having super powers, each of them different. They decide to work together in order to fight evil and to destroy Black Ghost. Black Ghost, however, wants to start the next World War in order to make billions of dollars supplying countries with weapons of mass destruction.


The Good Guys

  • Ivan Whisky (Cyborg 001) – When Ivan was born, he was extremely ill. His father was a brain surgeon and did dozens of different brain operations on Ivan in order to expand his mental powers. Because of the numerous operations, Ivan is able to do telepathy and telekinesis. He was captured by the Black Ghost and was frozen until technology advanced enough for the scientists to be able to harness his powers. Interestingly enough, the members of the cyborg group have a difficult time stopping Ivan from falling asleep at the wrong time, because Ivan is still a baby.
  • Jet Link (Cyborg 002) – Jet is an American from New York City. He is in a gang and winds up killing an opposing gang member with a knife. He is trapped by the Black Ghost members and turned into a cyborg. Jet is able to fly at insanely fast speeds due to boosters that are built into his feet. He was captured at the age of 18 but, because he was frozen, is actually closer to 40 or 50 years old.
  • Francoise Arnoul (Cyborg 003) – Francois was from France. She is kidnapped by Black Ghost when she is waiting for her brother to arrive. She is the only girl in the group and very rarely engages physically in a battle. She is more like a general, directing the troops into battle. She has enhanced vision and hearing and is a great pilot.
  • Albert Heinrich (Cyborg 004) – Albert was from Germany and was captured when he was trying to escape. He was changed into a cyborg and has small machine guns in his right finger tips, razors in his left finger tips, and missiles in his knees.
  • Geronimo, Jr. (Cyborg 005) – Geronimo is also called “G-Junior” and is from the US. He was captured by Black Ghost and was turned into the strongest and most well-armored cyborg.
  • Chang Chang Ku (Cyborg 006) – Chang was from china originally. He was taken by Black Ghost right before he hung himself. He is able to dig tunnels into the earth and to breathe fire.
  • Great Britain (Cyborg 007) – Great Britain is from the UK and used to be a famous actor. He was captured and is now able to shape-shift into any person e wishes to.
  • Pyunma (Cyborg 008) – Pyunma was originally from Africa. He has mechanical lungs which allow him to survive under water for a very long amount of time, and is the only one of the group that has any combat skills.
  • Joe Shimamura (Cyborg 009) – Joe is the last cyborg created. He is able to move so fast that everything looks like a statue to him. He becomes involved with Francoise Arnoul and the two are seen in the original manga having sex.
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