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Ebisu (恵比寿) is a small neighborhood in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo, Japan. Located between the Roppongi and Shibuya neighborhoods, Ebisu can be accessed from both the JR Yamanote and Hibiya Lines in Ebisu Station. Similar to the stylish offerings in Daikanyama and Hiroo, Ebisu is known for its unique restaurants and bars and its high fashion boutiques and vintage clothing stores.


Ebisu was founded in 1928 as a worker community for the Japan Beer Brewing Company. The company’s facility was located in the heart of where Yebisu Garden Place currently stands. The name Ebisu comes originally from one of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Japanese lore and was introduced as Yebisu Beer in 1890 by the Japan Beer Brewing Company. The train station in Ebisu was built in 1901 to distribute the beer produced in this district and was later named for the same God of Fortune as the company’s early product. The Japan Beer Brewing Company was renamed to Sapporo Breweries Ltd and has since moved its operations to Chiba. After moving in 1988, the land where the brewery was located was retooled for what is now Yebisu Garden Place, opened in 1994.


Yebisu Garden Place and the Westin Hotel are the focal points of much of the tourist activity in Ebisu. This area can be accessed easily via the Yebisu Skywalk after exiting the Ebisu Station, and will lead visitors to The Beer Museum Yebisu, the Sapporo Breweries headquarters, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Due in large part to its position as a transfer point between Yamanote and Hibiya lines, Ebisu has built up a thriving community of bars and restaurants ranging in style form Old English Pubs to Izakaya style restaurants and Tachinomi bars. These smaller, less known establishments are located near the West exit of the station by Komazawadori while Yebisu Garden Place Tower is home to a wide variety of restaurants as well.

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