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Hyde (Hideto Takarai), is the vocalist for the band L'Arc~en~Ciel, formed in 1991. He joined L'Arc~en~Ciel in 1992 after leaving Kiddies Bomb (later renamed Jerusalem's Rod) where he was the guitarist. As well as singing, Hyde has also sung background vocals, played the guitar, drums, harmonica, and saxophone during concerts.

Hyde began playing guitar at the age of seventeen and has been compared to David Bowie. Hyde sings in Japanese and English and is popular for the passion he brings to his songs.

Hyde was born 29 January 1969 in Wakayama. After L'Arc~en~Ciel had released Spirit dreams inside in 2000, each of the band members embarked on solo projects. In 2001, Hyde released his first solo single, Evergreen. After two more singles, the album Roentgen followed in 2002.

More releases followed throughout 2003. The same year, Hyde starred in the Japanese film Moon Child, with Gackt and the two sang a duet as part of the project, Orenji no taiyou. The song was also released on Gackt's album, Crescent. Hyde also played the part of Adam in the movie Kagen no Tsuki, based on the manga by the same title as well as supplying its theme song, The Cape of Storms. In December of 2003, Hyde's song Shining Over You was used as the commercial song for Namco's Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

L'Arc~en~Ciel began working together again in 2003. Hyde returned to his solo work in 2005, when he composed the music for the song Glamorous Sky. The song was used in the movie Nana.

A single, Countdown was released in 2005, including Japanese and English versions of the song. Shortly afterward, Hyde hosted Halloween of the Living Dead, a three-night event held at Club Citta in October. Each night featured performances by Hyde himself, a guest artist or band and Jack-O-Lantern. Those who took part include Monoral, UVERworld, Olivia Lufkin, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Yasu, and Mika Nakashima. The group Jack-O-Lantern consisted of Hyde and the group Monoral.

In 2006, Hyde's single Season's Call was used as the second opening theme to the anime show Blood+. The album that followed, Faith, was accompanied by a five-month Japanese tour. After Hyde signed as a solo artist with Tofu Records, a US debut concert was scheduled. Tickets for the event sold out in three minutes. The concerts that followed also sold out quickly and Faith was released overseas. After the tour was over, a DVD of the concerts was released. Hyde is currently back with L'Arc~en~Ciel.



  • Evergreen (2001)
  • Angel's Tale (2001)
  • Shallow Sleep (2002)
  • Hello (2003)
  • Horizon (2003)
  • Countdown (2005)
  • Season's Call (2006)


  • Roentgen (2002)
  • Roentgen Overseas Version (2002)
  • 666 (2003)
  • roentgen.ENGLISH (2004)
  • FAITH (2006)
  • FAITH , U.S. Version (2006)


  • Roentgen Stories (2004)
  • FAITH Live (2006)

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