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Kentaro Miura was born in 1966. He is a Japanese mangaka, or manga artist. He was born in Chiba City in Japan. When he was ten years old, he created his first manga, which ended up being published at his school for his friends to read. That very manga, called Miuranger, wound up have forty volumes to it. The very next year he created his next manga. This manga was named Ken e no michi, and Miura was able to use Indian ink to draw it, which truly helped to expand his skills.

In 1982 he got his work officially published for the first time. His friends encouraged him, and some of them joined him in publishing manga in their school. A short time later, Miura decided that he wanted to attend [Nihon University], to major in art. He submitted one of his mangas to the college and was accepted into the college. Miura then had some problems with publishers, and it was a few years before any of his work was published again.

Berserk Prototype was published in [1988]. This was the first time that anyone saw the Berserk world that would make Miura become famous. He received his doctorate the very next year, and began creating the [King of Wolves]. In 1992, his manga, Berserk, finally became popular, after it was released in the manga magazine Young Animal. Berserk was picked up to become an anime, and Miura made sure that he got into the act, supervising the entire production. Berserk is still being published, and has won numerous awards.


Berserk is a manga that focuses on the character Guts. Guts is a very large man who has a very special sword. His sword is named Dragon Slayer, and allows Guts to be almost invincible. Guts manages to find the Berserker’s Armor, which helps him to overcome his adversaries in battle. It does so by allowing his inner-demon to take over. Another main character in the series is Griffith.

Griffith was the leader of a band of men known as the Band of the Hawk. He wants to own his own kingdom, but winds up in trouble when he seduces the daughter of the king. He ends up being thrown into jail, and becomes mentally unstable. The Band of the Hawk manages to get him out of jail, but not before he is a changed man. He winds up dying, only to be reincarnated a few years later.

Casca is the other main character in the series. She is the only female in the band, and became a member when she was raped by a nobleman, and Griffith saved her. He teaches her how to become strong, and she winds up leading the band when Griffith spends time in jail. At first, she finds herself caring for Guts, but one night he lost control and almost raped her. After that, Casca wants nothing to do with Guts.

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