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Mari's Rock is a Japanese gothic Lolita fashion label and clothing brand that operates out of Shibuya, Tokyo. The company, which is well known for its fusion of current musical culture, classic punk and gothic designs, and a flare of Lolita cuteness has been a stalwart of the Harajuku and Shibuya fashion scenes since the mid-1990s.

Clothing Style

The style of Mari’s Rock clothing ranges greatly. Most clothing is presented in a black and white color scheme with most white being blended into black to create a bleeding effect, especially in dresses and skirts. In addition to more traditional gothic style clothing, much of the brand’s products include a fusion of punk style aesthetics such a torn and tattered jeans, gapped full body outfits, and full length hooded dresses.

Accessories produced and sold by Mari’s Rock include top hats, skirts, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, handbags, ties, and corsets. Common parts of these items include laces, buckles, British flags, skull imagery, and black and white patterning evoking both classic gothic imagery and new wave punk aesthetics.

Other Offerings

In addition to the basic Mari’s Rock line of clothing provided, Mari’s Rock produces and sells a line of clothing under the name “Richards”. This brand infuses more Japanese styles of design with gothic themed kimonos, frilled dresses, and a wide array of much more elaborate, flamboyant bags, ties, and skirts with checkered, Lolita style accessories.

Mari’s Rock also sells CDs from top bands and artists who represent the gothic Lolita, punk style in Japan, both on their website and in their store fronts. Contests, signings, and fanclub memberships are all available through Mari’s Rock as the store strives to combine the many aspects of the gothic Lolita sub-culture into one outlet.

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