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Miho Matsuda is a Japanese gothic Lolita fashion designer and clothing brand of the same name. The brand provides a wide array of varying degrees of gothic inspiration in its clothing, from simple black, corset cut vests, to full on body length dresses. For the most part, clothing produced by Matsuda’s line is ready to wear for a wide array of consumers.


Brand Style

Much of Miho Matsuda’s influence comes from the Gothic Lolita fashion movement, even though most pieces in her collections are not overt in their presentation. Colorful gothic screens are printed on sweatshirts and t-shirts while billowy lace and ribbons outfit sheer white tops and skirts. Ranging from simple black tops to full corset centered dresses, the goal of most of Matsuda’s clothing is to present something that anyone could wear.

Clothing types and styles sold by Miho Matsuda include both men’s and women’s clothing, vests, cardigans, skirts, pants, dresses, jackets, two-piece suits, shoes, bags, accessories, socks, and specialty items.

Devil May Cry Collection

Based on the popular Capcom video game Devil May Cry, Miho Matsuda created a line of jewelry and bags for the video game publisher to help promote their newest entry in the series in 2007. Depicting things like the Staff of Judgment and Rusty Keys from the game, these products became quite popular with the gaming crowd.

Shop Location

Miho Matsuda’s main shop location is in Shibuya at:

  • 3-11-3
  • Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051
  • KOPO South 6 F
  • 050-3459-1635

In addition, Miho’s Matsuda’s collections are exclusively distributed and carried by Goldseal locations. Goldseal, itself the parent company of Miho Matsuda since the formation of both in 2003. Goldseal’s main store location can be found in Tokyo’s Harajuku District, off of Meiji Street.

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