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MilkFed (or Milk Fed - Japanese: ミルクフェド) is a Japanese fashion brand created by American movie producer Sofia Coppola in 1994. MilkFed only produces clothing for women and the pieces are almost always available only in small and extra-small sizes. The fashion line includes t-shirts, tops, sweaters, and jackets in a sexy and simple somewhat casual style.

MilkFed History

Sofia Coppola is said to have always had good fashion sense, even when she was a child. When she was young, she worked with the wardrobe department on several of Francis Ford Coppola's (her father) films. When she got older, she interned with Karl Lagerfeld at the french fashion house Chanel. After doing a fashion show with similar brand X-girl, the MilkFed brand was launched in 1994.

MilkFed Shops

The shops that sell the MilkFed brand clothing in Japan are called Heaven 27. MilkFed is a Japan only brand and at this time there are no Heaven 27 or MilkFed shops in America or other Western countries.

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