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Nakameguro (中目黒) is a well known fashion district within the special ward of Meguro in Tokyo, Japan. Famous for its integration of fashionable cars and cafes with modern architecture in office and retail space, Nakameguro has become a center of downtown commercial traffic. Because of its industrial space and central location, Nakameguro is known to be a popular choice for retailers looking for affordable, easy to purchase space and as such has risen in the ranks of the fashionable neighborhoods to become a hot spot for youth culture.


Within the confines of the Nakameguro neighborhood, there are multiple well known and up and coming shops, destinations, and hot spots, including:

  • Mizuma Art Gallery – This gallery is located on Komazawa-dori and includes work by the likes of Sueo Mitsuma, Hiroko Okada, and Makata Aida
  • Cow Books – This unique bookstore is run by Yataro Matsuura who has been known for quirky actions like turning an ice cream truck into a book store. Books and magazines in English and Japanese can be found here.
  • Vase – This vintage clothing boutique is well known for its odd-ball combination of recent clothing and classic styles. The building is another of the regions classic 1950s architectural classics redesigned for modern use.
  • Riverside Dining – The nomiya and yakitori restaurants located beneat the tracks along the river front in Nakemeguro trace back to the early days of the above ground tracks and have long become a popular hangout for youth in this once industrial region

Nakameguro Station

The Nakameguro station is a central point of the neighborhood and a lively hub between the Tokyu Toyoko Line and the Hibiya line, creating connections between Ginza, Roppongi, and Tsukiji with Yokohama.

Following the Toyoka Line from Nakameguro, Minato Mirai 21, Chinatown, and Motomachi can be reached. The station is also known for a March 8, 2000 accident in which a train swiped a stationary train car and 5 individuals were killed, 33 injured.

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