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wjk is a Japanese clothing brand founded by Jun Hashimoto which specializes in high quality leather jackets, shoes, boots, and denim. The wjk brand also produces a variety of other fashion items and in 2006 branched out into furniture as well.


wjk was founded by designer Jun Hashimoto in 2004. Hashimoto was a buyer for clothing botiques in Japan and apprciated the quality and style of Italian clothing brand Carpe Diem. Hashimoto moved to Italy and spent three years working under Carpe Diem's Maurizio Altieri before moving back to Japan and launching wjk. The focus of the clothing brand is on high quality well designed items like leather jackets, cargo pants, leather boots, denim jeans, and related clothing. In 2006 wjk expanded their offerings to include interior design items.


wjk has seven stores in Japan, including their flagship shop in Meguro and a shop in LaForet in Harajuku.

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