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Berserk (Beruseruku) is a manga, or Japanese comic, that was created by Kentaro Miura. Miura is known for his dark comics, and Berserk follows this path. It is considered to be a dark fantasy manga, and has become one of the must successful adult mangas to ever be released. It has sold twenty nine million volumes and shows no sign of being any less popular.


Gatsu is a great swordsman. He is, in fact, known as the Black Swordsman. He wanders around Europe during a time known as Middleage. On the back of his neck is a mysterious brand. This brand lets him know when creatures of the night are near, as it bleeds. Gatsu ends up meeting a lot of people, and has a strange relationship with both Griffith and Casca.


  • Gatsu – Gatsu is the muscular warrior who has a sword that he has named Dragon Slayer. He left forearm is not real. It hides a cannon and has a magnetic grip. As the story goes along, the reader discovers that Gatsu had a strange childhood, as he was adopted into a mercenary band at a young age. The Band of the Hawk was the mercenary army that he was adopted into. He has armor known as Berserker’s Armor, which allows him to gain unparalleled physical strength and fighting abilities. Whenever he does this, though, a demon, which much resembles a dog, takes over his body and threatens to kill anyone that is near him.
  • Griffith – Griffith is the leader of the Band of the Hawk. He wants his own kingdom, and is willing to sacrifice much in order to get it. He dueled with Gutsu in order to keep him with the band and lost. After he lost the battle, he headed to the King’s daughter, Princess Charlotte. In her arms, he found comfort. When their one-night stand was discovered, however, Griffith was locked up and tortured for a year by order of the king. He is rescued by The Hawks but has gone crazy due to the torture. He has become physically crippled and is in a deep depression due to losing his dream. He ends up sacrificing the Band of the Hawk to the God Hand in order to become the fifth God Hand, Femto. He ends up becoming reincarnated two years later, re-starting the Band of the Hawk in an effort to finally get his kingdom.
  • Casca – Casca is an amazing female warrior. In fact, only Griffith and Gutsu can defeat her in battle. She decides to join the Band of the Hawk when Griffith saves her from being raped. It is she that the men turn to when Griffith is imprisoned for fornicating with the King’s daughter. She ends up being raped by Femto and becoming Gutsu’s lover, and losing her memory from the rape. She has a child and is almost raped by Gutsu when his inner demon come out one evening. Due to this, she hates all men and is only comfortable with Farnese, another female warrior. Gutsu hopes that her memory will return, eventually.
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