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Atelier Pierrot is a Japanese clothing brand and a well known storefront in Harauku. The company, with its Laforet Harajuku location is known for its wide array of both gothic inspired and Lolita costume clothing. The owner and operator of Atelier Pierrot is Keiko Oohashi and the shop’s main store is located in the same building as its corporate office in the Harajuku neighborhood of Shibuya, Tokyo. A second store, Carina e Arlequin is located in Utsunomiya in Tochigi Prefecture.

Shimizu Hiraku

The lead designer and founder of Atelier Pierrot is Shimizu Hiraka, a Tokushima born designer who has become well known for his artistic presentations as well as his fashion designs. With his first exhibition in France in 1985, followed by a Members Salon in Paris in 1988, Hiraku attended the Nagoya University of Arts – graduating in 1991. He spent the next few years exhibiting his work throughout France and Japan and has won a wide variety of awards including the Cannes Grand Prix International Gold Medal, Salon International Art Special Award and France Provence Painting, Sculpture Exhibition Award.

Atelier Pierrot Clothing

Atelier Pierrot’s various locations are well known for carrying a wide variety of clothing from a number of well known gothic and Lolita brands as well as its own clothing featuring a mixture of classic Lolita dresses and accessories and modern interpreted gothic pieces with a monochromatic focus. Some of the better known brands currently sold in the Atelier Pierrot and Carina e Arlequin stores include:

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