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Blue Seed (Aokushimitama Burū Shīdo) is Japanese comic book, or manga, that was created by Yuzo Takada. Takada is a very popular, well-known manga artist. He first began his career as an assistant to the popular Fujihiko Osono. He has become known for 3x3 Eyes and for Blue Seed, both known as supernatural manga. Blue Seed was turned into an anime in 1994, shortly after the manga was released. An Original Video Anime (OVA) was also created from the manga.


Momiji Fujimiya is just your average, every day high school student. Or so she thinks. One day, as she is walking to school, a man approaches her. His hands have magatama burned onto them. He goes to her and tries his best to kill her. Blades come out of his arms and he calls her Kushinada. She is saved by a pair of people, one male, one female. They identify themselves as government officials get the strange man to leave Momiji alone and then leave.

Momiji has no clue who Kushinada is, so she does some research in her school’s library. She learns that Kushinada was a princess who lived centuries ago. She had the ability to kill monsters. Momiji laughs at the fact and completely dismisses that she and her mother live in a shrine. Shortly after her discovery, vines start crawling out of every crack she sees. They head for her, whispering “Kushinada” while they are attempting to catch her.

Mamoru Kusanagi comes to her rescue. He has metamas burned into his hands and wants to catch the man who is trying to kill Momiji, who’s name is Orochi. Unfortunately his plan doesn’t work, and the government officials appear once again. Right before they can stop Orochi, he lunges for Kusanagi. Momiji saves him by taking the hit. She does not die, however, and instead is able to suddenly sense the Aragami, or the monsters. The two government officials identify themselves as being members of the terrestrial Administrations Center (TAC). They reveal that there was another Kushinada, Momiji’s twin sister, who is now dead. This stuns Momiji, and she agrees to help the TAC, under the promise that they tell her more about her sister and that Kusanagi is allowed to protect her.

Things get complicated when Kaede, Momiji’s twin sister whom she thought was dead, reappears. Momiji discovers that Murakumo and Kaede have plans to resurrect a god known as Susanowo in order to heal the world.

Main Characters

  • Momiji fujimiya – Momiji discovers that she has the ability to destroy the Aragami. She discovers that she had a twin sister, and that her twin sister is dead. She agrees to help the TAC help rid the world of the Aragami.
  • Mamoru Kusanagi – Mamoru was chosen to guard whomever was the Kushinada. He became close to Kaede and transfers this feeling to her twin sister once he meets her.
  • Daitetsu Kunikida – Mr. Kunikida is the director of the TAC. He chooses Kaede when the twins were born, to raise as his own. He exploited her abilities, however, and only discovered how much he cared for his daughter when she sacrificed herself.
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