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Hiroshi Fujiwara (藤原ヒロシ) is a Japanese fashion designer and DJ famous for his streetwear brands. He was born in 1964. Hiroshi Fujiwara is sometimes called the godfather of Harajuku fashion and is considered a mentor to many younger Japanese designers including Nigo of BAPE fame. Fujiwara has worked with several indie and mainstream fashion companies both Japanese and international, including Levis, Burton, and Nike. He has also created several brands himself including Head Porter and GoodEnough. Fujiwara and several other Japanese designers are behind the online Japanese fashion and lifestyle magazine Honeyee.

Before getting into fashion, Hiroshi Fujiwara was a popular musician, producer, and DJ, working with artists including UA and Eric Clapton. In 2001 he had a cameo role in the 2003 Sofia Coppola movie Lost in Translation. In 2007, a collectible vinyl toy made in Fujiwara's likeness designed by Jukai and produced by adFunture.

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